Small Steps

Scalinis stands for small steps in italian. We’ve taken many steps over the years to get where we are today, with almost 20 years in the industry.

Our story is simple as one, two, and three. Just one vision, one dream, and one Italian restaurant.

From the successors of all time great Italian chefs, we provide to the community the best of what Italy has got to offer.

A luxurious Italian Restaurant in the heart of St Heliers, Auckland.

Over 10 years ago our owner had a vision and a dream of bringing authentic Italian cuisine and pizzeria to the beautifully diverse city of New Zealand, Auckland, a place where Italian cuisine was by far off reach.

Scalini’s has been excelling in its customers service and with a secret recipes to provide the true Italian cuisine to the customers.

With over 100+ (and rapidly growing) 5 Star social media reviews, our customers have become our family and a part of many successful years to come ahead.


Our Team

Micheal Colosimo
Restaurant Owner

With over 30+ years in the food industry. His dedication and determination has brought Italian Cuisine accessible to various parts of the beautiful city of Auckland. His secret recipes is the key to a successful Scalini's

Head Chef

Scalini's is lucky to have a chef like Jerry. A master class chef that has experience in the cooking field for over 10 years. His passion and love as a chef has led him to be one of prominent chef of a prominent Italian restaurant. Our dinners don't leave, without passing him a compliment every single time.


A passion for serving and helping guests experience the best of what Scalini's has got to offer. Lucca prides himself in serving guests and even on house-full evenings, he ensures everyone is attended to well.